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    Karaokray Taping with @drrylchn20 and @gisellesanchez123 #SanPedro9 #Kingspoint #BarangayBagbag

    Karaokray Taping with @drrylchn20 and @gisellesanchez123 #SanPedro9 #Kingspoint #BarangayBagbag


my name is KIM :)) 2nd year college NURSING student I'm EiGHTEEN years of age OCTOBER is my month, NINE is my number I have no siblings I'm the one and only DAUGHTER or what we called "UNICA HIJA" I want a lil' bro but my parents just don't DO Someday, I'll just make my own... hahah;p Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
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I'm kind if you're kind to me I'm easily to be with, I'm approachable a FRIENDLY person :)) It takes me a lifetime to be your BESTFRIEND ^_^ share stories with me and I'll share my stories with you tell me your secrets and I promise nobody will know it just KEEP UR TRUST in me :)) I laugh out loud with my friends I don't care what others would say about me as long as I'm happy in what I'm doing, I just get in through it WALANG PAKIALAMANAN!!! I'll do what I want and do what you want very simple... right?? if there is one thing you've done wrong to me, I'll never stop fighting with you I'll never forgive you also unless you say SORRY If you are irritated to me, just tell me BE TRUE coz' I don't like PLASTIC persons and most especially, I hate BACKFIGHTERS!!! stay there IDIOTS! if you HATE ME , I HATE YOU TOO! if you're insecure , there's no cure in it stay UGLY as you are coz' you'll never be ME Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
Glitterfy.com - Photo Flipbooks Well, I can say that I'm a FLIRT... but I'm not a BITCH! I know my limitations as long as you don't get hot... hahah:)) I can't stand a day without YOSI;p it's mah lifestyle... harhar:)) i used to drink LIQUOR too (almost at bar) honestly, it's ADDICTIVE !!! but one thing i'll never do is to take drugs... I'm a TEXTER ADDICT!!! and it takes me almost 24hours for that:)) (wanna be my textmate? heheh!) surfing net is one of my hobbies too I lab listening MUSIC especially RNB songs LOVE IT :)) Glitter Photos
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[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*] ALPHA GANDA MEGA LHOKARETZ!:) Glitter Photos
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Photos*] KiM. MiCAH. CARLA. MARVi. Glitter Photos
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Photos*] THINGS I HATED MOST!!! i hate being compared with others everybody is DIFFERENT and everyone of us is UNIQUE we were born with different powers :)) i don't like to be IGNORED i hate PLAYBOYS ! they're all STUPID ! i don't like those persons who break their promises i hate BOASTFUL persons PLASTIC ! BACKFIGHTERS ! BITCH ! SOCIAL CLIMBER ! i hate cheaters, pretenders, and those persons who purposely LIE and the thing I hated most are those persons who are called "BASTOS" RESPECT ME if you want me to RESPECT YOU :)) PEOPLE WHO DON"T APPRECIATE ME ->> GO KILL URSELF ^_^


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